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Personal Forms

Forms that are not available online can be obtained from any of the relevant Government Departments in Jamaica.

Education Tax Forms (see The Education Tax Act)

Form ET01 Self-Employed Person's Annual Return

Firearm Licensing Forms (see The Firearms Act)

Form fla001 Firearm User’s Licence

Form fla001 Firearm User’s (Special) Permit

Form fla006 Replacement of Defective Firearm

Form fla005 Disposal of Firearm

Form fla004 Request for Additional Ammunition

Form fla014 Request for Renewal Form

Form fla001 Firearm User’s (Employee’s) Certificate

Form fla011 Amendment to (Employee’s) Certificate

Form fla013 Range Instructor’s Certification

Form fla002 Medical Form

Income Tax Forms (see The Income Tax Act)

Form IT01 IT01 (Individuals (Self-Employed)) Return of Income and Tax Payable

Form IT05 IT05 (Individuals (paye, pensioners etc.)) Return of Income and Tax Payable

Form IT07 (Estimated tax payment voucher) Declaration of estimated income and tax payable

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