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Family Law

ZipLaw Gold CDFamily Law deals with all sorts of family issues including but not limited to Domestic Violence, Divorce, Adoption and Inheritance.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence pertains to abuse between family members or related persons and can come in a variety of ways such as physical abuse, threats, emotional abuse, stalking and other forms of dominance and control. Domestic Violence cases may be treated differently than Civil Harassment cases because of the interpersonal relationships involved. To be considered as a Domestic Violence case, at least one of the following relationship tests must be met:


A divorce or “Dissolution of Marriage" is the legal termination of a marriage. Unlike an annulment, the legal declaration that a marriage was never valid, a divorce is the termination of a valid marriage. Typically the court resolves all issues between the divorcing parties, such as division of property, custody and child support. Child support is court ordered financial support made for minor children by one parent to the other. The order transfers income from one parent to the other, allowing the combined income of the parents to benefit the child.


Adoption refers to the legal means of assuming parental rights and obligations of a child not belonging to oneself. After an adoption, the child’s birth parents rights are terminated and are no longer responsible for their child, which the adoptive parents assume.


In the event of death, a child’s primary right from a parent is the right to inheritance. Unless altered by a Will or Trust, the child is entitled to the entire estate, or all of the property and assets owned by the parent.

Statues Relating to Family Law

Cases Relating to Family Law

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