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ZipLaw Gold CDImmigration deals with the laws controlling entry into the country. Immigration lawyers help immigrants understand the laws and processes surrounding visiting as tourists, working or studying abroad and becoming a citizen. Anyone who is considering gaining entry into a foreign country should consult an immigration law attorney before contacting immigration authorities.

“Removal,” formerly called "deportation", is the process the government has for expelling a non-citizen from the country.

Grounds for Removal
Non-citizens in danger of being “removed” include:

A person fearing persecution in their home country can seek asylum. To be considered for asylum, a person must:    

  1. Be able to show that they have been persecuted in the past or have a well-founded fear of persecution in their home country because of:

    1 Race
    2 Religion
    3 Nationality
    4 Political opinion
    5 Membership in a particular social group

If the judge grants asylum, the person is no longer “removable” and can apply for a citizenship.    


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