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ZipLaw Gold CDInsurance is loosely defined as the promise of reimbursement as the result of a loss. Insurance can be purchased for a premium, by the policyholder, to protect the loss of property, liability or even life. When a loss described by the policy occurs the insured is entitled to reimbursement by the insurance company. However this does not happen automatically. Before the insured can receive benefits, a claim must be made. The claim is the request for benefits according to the policy. Every insurance policy outlines the procedures for filing a claim in writing and are often times referred to as “conditions.” Almost all insurance companies require prompt notice of any loss, including basic details such as a description, time and place of the accident. For a life insurance claim, the insured may be required to provide a copy of the death certificate. Although the very reason insurance exists is to issue payment of claims, some company’s make filing claims adifficult process and in some cases resist the payment of legitimate claims. In these cases it can be extremely beneficial to consult your attorney, as it is very important that both the insurance company and the policyholder understand the terms of the contractual agreement.

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